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Veterinarian, Co-Investigator, University of Nairobi
Joshua Onono is a veterinarian, he had previously completed a PhD which investigated the economics of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia and its control in pastoral set ups in Kenya.
Co-Investigator, Addis Ababa University
Mirgissa Kaba, PhD, is an enthusiastic professional, he served the university with a teaching, research, program coordinator, and Director Positions. He resigned from the university in 2000.
Principal Investigator, University of Liverpool, UK
Director of Research and Community Services and Lead of Horn Project
Principal, Amoud University College of Health Sciences
Principal, Amoud University College of Health Sciences
President, Amoud University.
Somaliland Government Officials
Somaliland Government Officials
One Health Researcher
Farah Isse Mumin (DVM, MSc in Vaccine Production, MSc in Infection, and Immunity), One Health Researcher and a postgraduate student at University of Liverpool, UK.
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