Hassan Gafaadhi
Minster of Health Development, Somaliland
Josiah Osiri
Senior Public Health Officer
Dr. Yakoub Aden
Senior Psychiatrist
Yakoub Aden Abdi, MD, PHD. Senior Physiatrist Director, Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Health, Somaliland.
Mohamed Gedi Qayad
Senior Epidemiologist
MD,MSc, MPH, MDPH, PhD, Senior Epidemiologist covid-19, MoHD
Dr. Abdifatah H. Daud Warsame
Clinical Psychologist
A Clinical Psychologist works for understanding, preventing, and relieving psychologically-based distress or dysfunction and promote subjective well-being and personal development. He have done a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and specialized in Khat Addiction and Trauma-related problems.
Prof. Khalif Bile
Public Health Specialist
Dr. Khalif Bile Mohamud M.D.; Ph.D. Communicable Diseases Epidemiology, Health Emergency Response and Health Systems Specialist
Dr.Mohammed Ibrahim Abdikadir
Assistant Professor in Epidemiology
DVM, MSc, Ph.D., assistant professor in epidemiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Jigjiga University, Ethiopia
Dr. Ahmed Kadle
Assoc. Professor of Epidemiology
Dr Siobhan Mor
Co-Investigator, University of Liverpool, Ethiopia
Siobhan Mor is an epidemiologist with expertise in both public health and veterinary methods and applications. She originally trained as a veterinarian at The University of Sydney (1998-2003) and then as an infectious disease epidemiologist at Tufts University in the United States (2004-2009).
Amina Husein Mohamed
Dr, Researcher
Doctor by profession and Researcher at ISTVS.
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